Author Guidlines


Arial Narrow 14, Capitalize each word, center position, short sentence (not more than 16 words)

Author's Name and institution

The author's name is written by default and complete without a title. The address of the institution is written complete and the appointment of correspondence address is provided by e-mail.


Abstract is the summary of all article content, including introduction, aim, method, result, analysis, and conclusion, maximum: 200 words. Use Arial Narrow 10 regular, single line spacing, paragraph: justified alignment.


All of article must be written with the single line spacing, first line indentation: 1 cm, fonts: Arial Narrow 11 regular; no more than 10 pages including references. 


The type of research, design, population, sample, sampling technique, place and time, data collection


Contains an explanation of the meaning of research results based on facts, theories, and opinions.


The discussion must be clear and explain the answer of research question. Explain your novelty in discussion section. In addition, you can explain the finding that can contribute to nursing or health sciences. Explore the significance of the results of the study.


Don’t write conclusion with numbering or bulleting. In the last section, write key-point of your finding, the answer of research question. You don’t need citation in this section. If needed, the suggestion or recommendation can be added after conclusion


References should be written in APA 6th edition. All of references must be written with the single line spacing, fonts: Arial Narrow 10 regular. Please use reference application manager to provide correcting style, such as Mendeley, EndNote, and others.